Special attention required for development & connectivity of border areas: CM


Dehradun (DIPR)-Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that the citizen, especially the youth, should try to reduce dependence on the governments for the development and social work and discharge social responsibilities through self-motivation. Chief Minister called upon the youth of the state to make such efforts that the ability, qualifications, knowledge, skill, wealth, expertise of youth should be utilized for extensive social development and welfare. He said that technocrats and professionals should decide their role in the development of the last person and the last village. Chief Minister participated as a representative in “Mera Saamajik Dayitva – Svarnim Uttarakhand” under the Mukhya Mantri Sewa Yojana, organized at IRDT Auditorium, Survey Check Dehradun on Monday.

Chief Minister said that even after 71 years of country’s independence, we are totally dependent on the governments. “This dependence is like gold-silver crutches. We have to consider with utmost seriousness that what we can do for the society, state and the country. What is our responsibility towards the society? Our skills and expertise should come handy in the development of remote villages”, said the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister further said that as compared to the cities, the social responsibilities are discharged in a much better manner in our villages. Rural society believes in mutual aid, cooperation and harmony. He called upon the students to do regular study of the newspapers. With regular study of newspapers, along with the information about the problems of society, sensitivity towards society is developed and association with society also increases.

Chief Minister said that children should be encouraged to participate in social work. This will make the children aware about the social responsibility. He said that our literacy rate is good. Every year about 2.5 to 3 lakh students pass XII exams. If all the students take responsibility to teach one illiterate person, then 100 per cent literacy in the state can be achieved soon. Today, the importance of social work has increased in the world. In addition, entrepreneurship and professionalism has to be developed among the children. The youth should get out of the job mindset and move towards entrepreneurship as well.

Chief Minister said that our youth technocrat and professionals can play an important role in making 670 Nyay Panchayats of state a centre of economic activity. New Technocrats and professionals should study our village traditional economics, daily production activities and rural life and work on measures to improve the lives of villagers through modern techniques and skills. Chief Minister said that the work of developing the 95 development blocks of the state by 95 institutes and 95 industrial estates has to be done through a comprehensive plan. He said that our 25 development blocks are on the international border. We have to pay special attention to the development and connectivity of border areas. The border villages are very sensitive and important from the strategic point of view. Army also gets vital information related to strategic and country security from border villagers.

On this occasion, Chief Minister’s Technical Advisor Narendra Singh, Vice President of Uttarakhand Rural Development and Migration Commission S.S.Negi, Vice Chancellor Uttaranchal Technical University V.K.Singh etc. were present.