FREE of cost Distribution of Local herbs/medicinal plants during Harela festival


Dehradun 11 July, 2018-Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bheshaj Department Dr. Meharban Singh Bisht, has said that during the ‘Harela Festival’, local herbs/medicinal plant species and plants like Tejpaat, Amla and Ritha have to be distributed at the local level through state bheshaj sangh and bheshaj development units. For which all the sangh secretaries and district bheshaj coordinators have been instructed that on the occasion of the ‘Harela Festival’, they must ensure distribution of herb/medicinal plant species available in union nursery free of cost, for plantation in the premises of the citizens and government departments. In the case of no nursery in the district or unavailability of the plants in the nursery, district bheshaj coordinators should contact the forest department and the nearest secretaries of bheshaj sangh and ask for the plants. And in case, the plants are provided by them free of cost, the same should be distributed during the ‘Harela Festival’. He has also instructed the secretaries of the bheshaj sanghs to provide the plants according to the demand of nearby districts in case of the unavailability of adequate quantity of plants in the district nurseries.