Kailash hospital is offering Bariatric Surgery to conquer Obesity


Dehradun(29-7-2018): Bariatric, A revolutionary technique to conquer Obesity is now at Kailash Hospital, Dehradun.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic and W.H.O. has now classified Obesity as a disease. Modern stressful lifestyle, wrong eating habits and lack of physical exercise has given rise to obesity epidemic. America, China & India are mostly affected by this. Obesity causes problems such as Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes Type-2, Joint pain, Cancer and Social image problems.

Bariatric and Metabloic Surgery is a revolutionary tech by which Obesity can be conquered. It is a safe, scarless, cost effective permanent solution for obesity and its related diseases. 95% patients find there Diabetes resolves post surgery. Requirement for insulin and diabetic medication disappears completely. Significant benefits are also seen in heart disease, hypertension and Arthritis patients.

Kailash hospital at Dehradun is now offering this revolutionary surgery in the city. The Bariatric & Metabolic team at Kailash Hospital, Dehradun offers a world class service, following all International standards and Protocol.