174 illegal encroachments demolished, 65 identified


Dehradun 24 August, 2018 (I.Bureau)-Additional Chief Secretary Om Prakash has informed that in pursuance of orders of honorable court, the exercise of demolition, identification of illegal encroachments and illegal constructions on footpaths, lanes, roads and other places and sealing of illegal encroachments in Dehradun city by Mussoorie- Dehradun Development Authority, Municipal Corporation, Dehradun and district administration has been going on.

Additional Chief Secretary instructed the officers/employees of anti-encroachment task force to work in coordination to ensure that the orders of the honorable courts are implemented in letter and spirit speedily. He said that they should carry out the work of removing encroachments as per the court orders without any bias so that there is confidence amongst general public that the anti-encroachment drive is being carried out in a transparent manner. He said that the work of installing pillars at places where anti-encroachment drive has been completed should be completed so that there are no re-encroachments. He said that the distance between the pillars erected should be less so that it is amply clear that no one could encroach upon public land either intentionally or unintentionally.

Om Prakash said that under the anti-encroachment drive on Friday, 174 illegal encroachments were demolished and 65 illegal encroachments were identified. Till date, a total of 3833 illegal encroachments have been demolished, 7331 illegal encroachments have been identified and 108 buildings have been sealed.

Om Prakash said that public land freed from encroachments on main roads will be used for road widening, footpath, drains, utility ducts, on road parking and vendor zones. He said that the width of the roads should be as per the prescribed standards.